Activism and performance

Matheus Moraes

Asst. Opinions Editor

Graphic by Adamya Sharma

A sentence I have often repeated in the last year or so is “since the beginning of the pandemic”. It is hard to not compare the world pre vs. during Covid while trying to make sense of it. One of things I noticed was the “boom” of Instagram lives and, with them, the exploring of some social topics that were brought further into light during lock-down days. Voter suppression, white supremacy, natural disasters and Indigenous peoples' rights gave social media users plenty to be mad about, or pretend they were.

In the beginning of August 2020, I made the decision to quit social media as it was causing me more harm than good. I have had Instagram since 2011 and despite not posting often, I felt a strong urge to do it. Yet, whenever I posted I’d feel such anxi