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A Sounds Sick Perspective is the fever dream of concerts

Kaicie Boeglin


Poster by Kaicie Boeglin

This Friday Apr. 29, Rhode Island has their first big senior event since 2019. A Sounds Sick Perspective is a concert with a mixed genre line up across two different stages at Fête Music Hall in Providence. The show is 21+ and the show starts at 6:00 p.m.

The bill consists of Chill Nye, Elytra, Lo$t Boi, Prettyboy Court, and Decaf Black on the lounge stage, with Pomegranate Tea, Danson, King Inertia, Ocean of Illusions, The Blessing of This Curse, Chach and Zvck, and Ak40Devin taking the ballroom stage. The idea is to choose which stage you want to be at by which genre you want to hear. While Decaf Black is spitting raps in the lounge, Ocean of Illusions is supplying the screams of a demon's dream in the ballroom. The show is built around pleasing all music tastes, as well as promoting a love of locality.

All ticket sales made by the senior class directly support the 2022 Senior Class Gift which are direct donations to the college's Emergency Response Fund. This fund helps RIC students in any financial hardship while they're attending school. This help can go to tuition assistance, child care, transportation means, etc. Tickets are sold by the senior class through cash or a direct donation to the class gift. Seniors who purchase a ticket to the concert will also receive a philanthropy cord for graduation. Tickets are set at $10 for RIC students and $20 for non-RIC students.

The event is open to all that are 21 or older. Graduate students, faculty and adjuncts are allowed to attend, however faculty and adjuncts do not qualify for the student deal. If an individual interested in the show has already donated to the gift they need to email a screenshot of their donation or confirmation to

The show is co-headlined by R.I.'s Goodfellas Chach and Zvck, along with upcoming N.Y. legend Ak40Devin. The show's name comes from songs by Chach and Ak40Devin that seem to speak to each other. Devin is the first hip-hop artist to ever win the Coke Save at the world's famous Apollo Theater. He is the founder of Sounds Sick Productions. Chach and Zvck are well known names in Rhody's rap scene and Chach has recently been shouted out by hip-hop icon T-Pain. Chach's album "Perspective" touches the souls of many. These rappers have stories that instigated this show and for that it became a mixed genre concert named after what it will be – A Sounds Sick Perspective.

This show is the first time headlining for the Goodfellas and Ak40Devin. It is also the first time in Rhode Island for Ocean of Illusions, Decaf Black and Ak40Devin. This concert is also the first in a set of 10 year anniversary shows for metalcore band The Blessing of This Curse.

The venue will have valet parking and there is street parking available as well. The venue will have their own security but Providence Police will be present as well. Fête is located at 103 Dike St. Providence, RI, 02909.

No COVID-19 mandates are put in place and masks are optional. Tickets are on sale until the day of the event unless they sell out, so secure yours today by emailing



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