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Alison Macbeth


Alison is a B.A. Communications (focus in Public Relations) and B.A. Political Science graduate, with a minor in International Nongovernmental Organization Studies. She loved the Monday night editorial meetings, along with writing her opinion pieces on the college administration and fair wages for faculty. She intends on serving with AmeriCorp and then continue her studies overseas.

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Ralston Najarro

Managing Editor

Ralston is a B.A. Biology graduate. His favorite memory of The Anchor is doing layout in the office with Sophia Tom, Sam and Lucy. While he did not write, his favorite layout was for Alana's "Rick & Morty" piece. He plans to work in biotech, but in his free time you can find him working on a car. 


Grace Kimmell

Art Director

Grace is a B.A. English graduate, who is graduating a year early. She loved being the Photo Editor & Art Director,  along with writing witty opinions pieces on RIC's policy, courses, and sometimes really good pie. She will be attending Brandeis University Graduate School in the fall to get her MA in Literary Studies and Theory. Following that, she intends to get a P.h.D. with a focus on Trauma Studies in Contemporary Global Literature. 

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Alexis Rapoza

News Editor

Alexis is a B.A. Communications graduate with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Her favorite parts of working for The Anchor were the 2020 CMA's, along with writing her piece on Yusef Salaam's visit to RIC. She will be attending University of Rhode Island Graduate School  in the fall for Public Administration and Public Policy. 

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Sophia Guerrier

Arts & Entertainment


Sophia is a B.A. Communications graduate. Her favorite part of working for The Anchor was playing video games in the office with Ralston, and being scolded at by Sam. She most enjoyed writing her article on the Ty Dolla Sign concert here on campus. Her future plans include attending graduate school for law, and continuing to be cool as heck. 


Zachary Lopez

Layout Editor

Zachary is a B.A. English and B.A. Philosophy graduate. While his whole experience with The Anchor has been virtual, he enjoyed laying out our print issues each month along with our weekly newsletter. Following graduation, Zachary intends on getting a P.h.D. in Literary Studies.

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Kevin Martineau

Ads Manager 

Kevin is a B.A. Marketing graduate. While he did not write for The Anchor, he thoroughly enjoyed making connections with local companies that advertised in the paper. His favorite memory of being a part of The Anchor was attending our weekly meetings. He will be taking a road trip to California and living there for a year.

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Katarina Dulude

Anchor Staff

Katarina is a B.A. English graduate, with a minor in Political Science. While her entire experience with The Anchor has been virtual, her favorite memory is when the Opinions channel had everyone contributing article ideas at 10 p.m. one evening. Her favorite pieces that she wrote are either "Civil rights or the filibuster-- we can't have both" or "Should straight actors be telling LGBTQ stories?". She will be taking time off following graduation, but later intends on attending graduate school for an M.A. in Journalism. 

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Alison Macbeth

We did it. In past years, that phrase sounded cliche, but now, dear Class of 2021, these words mean something brand new. We faced a year of twists and turns, zoom screens and cancellations, changed plans and new challenges. But we did it. Some of us experienced sickness. Some of us experienced heartbreaking loss. Some of us felt like we couldn’t - but we did it. Congratulations to the Class of 2021, we graduated! 


A special thank you goes to our dedicated faculty who went above and beyond to create the best learning environment for us amidst an abundance of technical obstacles. Thank you for choosing to teach, mentor, guide and encourage us.  


More than just a piece of paper, this college degree exemplifies our hard work and our determination. It symbolizes our failures and our achievements. The caps and gowns we wear this weekend reflect all the things we have been equipped with to be the next generation of thinkers, creators, researchers, communicators, teachers, care-takers and scholars. Thankfully, our education does not need to stop here. Equipped with the tools of research and critical thinking, we can continue to learn and create remarkable changes around us everyday. 


During the past year at the Anchor, we covered many news stories that exposed the need for change. Our opinions writers gave their ideas, observations and perspectives. The sports and arts writers highlighted the transforming nature of our world. Now, more than ever, we can be innovators in our communities with the grit we developed over our college years. But I think we learned some other things in the past year: we realized how important it is to rest and take care of ourselves; we adapted as hard times caused us to refocus our objectives; we were taught the importance of each other and how we need one another to pursue our dreams and goals. This college chapter may be ending, but let us not forget these new lessons as we step out into our futures. 


Dear Class of 2021, we did it. Our perseverance, fortitude and patience paid off. As we commence into our graduate life may we continue to foster the knowledge, excellence and curiosity that we cultivated over our college career here at Rhode Island College. 



Alison Macbeth


Editor-in-Chief, Class of 2021

Publishing every Monday, we have you covered. 

Through each semester, our staff publishes weekly articles to keep you up to date on the latest news, stories, perspectives, and pop culture updates. We had to adapt to a mostly digital platform given COVID regulations, and we published a print paper monthly. Check out all the hard work we have put in to The Anchor over this last semester here, and thank you for all of your support!

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