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Word of advice; The Abbey has $5 grilled cheese.

Brynn Terry, Asst. Copy Editor

    The smell of sizzling bacon, a round of the day`s three dollar beers, and a bite of a five dollar grilled cheese (that comes with fries and a pickle) sets the scene for a perfect evening at the Abbey in Providence, an eight minute drive from campus.  Located at 686 Admiral St, the Abbey, right across from LaSalle Bakery, is a cozy pub-sports bar hybrid where you can find just about anyone from the freshmen in your Thursday Biology class, to your now retired gym teacher from 8th grade.  

    To start with the bad news, the Abbey has incredibly limited parking. With no lot of its own it forces customers to park on the street amidst about a dozen “no parking” signs. The Abbey itself is also decently small with no more than ten tables without including the bar.  

   Size apart, the Abbey`s environment is that of a make-yourself-at-home vibe, with servers making casual conversation and eager assistance. Another plus besides the great service are the gluten free and vegetarian options. 

   Food wise, the Abbey definitely takes the cake for some of the best pub food in the city.  Starting off, I tried “Bacon Aki!!!”, a version of cooked, not fried, bacon, complete scallions, sesame seeds, and teriyaki sauce.  Although not something I would choose to order on my own off the menu, it was an interesting taste I`ve never had before. It definitely gave some Panda Express vibes, but not in a bad way whatsoever.  

   Next came the nachos, which included a lower layer of pulled pork, which is something I've never tried, but wouldn't be opposed to order again. The corn chips weren't bad, like many of the over and under cooked chips many restaurants, especially chains, tend to have. 

   The sweet potato fries were my least favorite, as they were super dry and it was easy to tell they were frozen.  The fries that came with the grilled cheese, however, were heavenly, hand cut at the Abbey to a crispy perfection.  The grilled cheese, possibly the most important part of the entire night, was a good balance of buttery, and not too cheesy to the point where I`d be sick of eating it after a couple of bites. 

   Since the Abbey is known primarily for its burgers, I ventured to try their most popular burger, “The Roadhouse”.  The Roadhouse was complete with a perfectly cooked burger, crispy bacon, an onion bun, slivered onions, and some onion rings on the side.  Truth be told, the burger was great, but there was way too much onion for my pallet. Even if you`re an onion person, for this burger, I`d suggest replacing the onion rings with fries, although the onion rings were to die for, with a perfect batter. 

   To close off the night, I tried fried oreos, which were some of the greatest I`ve ever tasted. In a Rhode Islander fashion, I can explain the Abbey`s take on fried oreos as doughboys with oreos, something I think should be put in the suggestion jar at Iggy's. 

   On Mondays, the Abbey has five dollar build you own burger nights, $.50 wings on Tuesdays, and a beer and burger for $16 on Wednesdays, with Gansetts being only $3.50 every day. All specials start after 5p.m., but as you`re waiting, you can try any of the over 40 different types of beers the Abbey offers. 

    If you`re looking for a place to go after Donovan closes and the cafe is locking up for the night, call an Uber and head over to the Abbey for a good time with good people.