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Students must unite for affordable grilled cheese

Daniel Costa, Asst. Circulation Manager

Speeches were passionate, rousing, and above all, confused, even contradictory at the Don Did Me Dirty sit in. Some of the speakers at the protest were prepared with outlines of their demands and goals. Others went to the microphone to speak their mind, voicing their grievances. However, I left the Don feeling perplexed at the message the student body was trying to give. If we the students are to reach our goals of improving the quality of dining services, we must form a more organized movement. The protests that occurred on September 11 must be repeated with more students rallied and our message clearer if we are to achieve anything; more importantly, if we expect to be taken seriously by the administration.
Many demands were made, many of which were simply unrealistic. This diminished the overall message of the protest. For example, one protester demanded extending breakfast hours past eleven in the morning. This is practically lunch for most students, and the staff need to phase out the breakfast menu to get ready for lunch at some point. Another demand that appeared unreasonable was to give the Don staff a raise. That sounds fantastic, but it would mean our prices would go up along with the worker’s wages. Aren’t we protesting to lower Don’s menu prices, not to increase it? 
We don’t need to dilute our primary reasons for revolting with miniscule issues that arguably are not issues at all. Our cause is just. Meal plans are a travesty as it is and food prices have gone up while the quality stays the same. These should be the focus of the protest and it should be repeated until the  administration finally makes a change.
The student body needs to stand together. If we are to make lasting and wholesome change, we must organize and mobilize the student body. We must act as one, delivering a clear message to the administration. We the students do not intend to accept this administration’s greed.