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See something, say something

Abigail Nilsson, News Editor

Mass shootings have been making headlines over the past several weeks killing dozens of people and injuring many more. Walmart is discontinuing the sales of handgun ammunition in their stores and is asking their patrons to withhold from openly carrying firearms, even in states that allow it. Rhode Island College does not have one single active shooter protocol said Chief of Campus Police and Director of Security and Safety Colonel James Mendonca, “and it isn’t that black and white.” 

    According to Mendonca, the best thing students can do is “anytime something happens that doesn’t feel right, or the hair on the back of your neck stands up, call us. Maintain a safe distance, and make a call with as much information as possible.”

    This past week a disturbance was reported, suspicious activity, and disorderly conduct on campus. 

    Campus police are required to comply with college student privacy laws when giving out information related to crimes on campus. RIC is required by the Clery Act to release an Annual Security Report by October 1st. “The Clery Act is a federal law requiring colleges and universities that receive federal financial assistance to disclose annually, certain statistics and information about campus crime and safety and security policies to current and prospective students and employees. Campus Police prepares this report by collecting relevant information and statistics from Campus Security Authorities, campus departments and local law enforcement.” 

    The crimes reported in the Annual Security Report include, but are not limited to, murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, assault, motorvehicle theft, arson, and drug, alcohol, and weapon related arrests on campus. 

    At this time, RIC Campus Police are working on updating their procedures, protocols, and policy regarding safety and violence. Mendonca also is working on updating the RICAlert system. According to the RIC website, this is a text related system that is meant to spread pertinent information  to students and faculty that is both “accurate and timely.”

    Rhode Island does allow open carry of a weapon with a Rhode Island License to Carry a Concealed Weapon that is issued by the Attorney General. With that being said, RIC does not allow weapons of any kind on campus. Campus police to work with the Providence Police, North Providence Police, Johnston Police, and the RI State Police to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. They will be holding their first annual RIC Night Out on Sept. 12 from 4-6 p.m.