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RIC athlete spotlight: Michaela Burr

Jake Elmslie, Sports Editor

   Rhode Island College boasts a diverse array of transfer students, all of whom have their own unique reasons for coming to RIC. This is the case for Michaela Burr, and many others who have found new purposes, since arriving to Mount Pleasant Avenue.

   Burr like many other students coming right out of high school wanted to get as far away from home as possible. In Burr’s case, the meant somewhere down south with much warmer weather. In part because of these factors, Burr chose to attend Florida State University. While at the division I FSU Burr chose not to play tennis, 

“I knew there was no chance I’d be able to play at FSU, most of the girls on the team were recruited from overseas, I tried the club team for a bit but didn’t enjoy it all that much. I decided not to choose a college based on tennis, I played a lot in high school but knew to play at a big division I school I would of had to play all the time.”

   Things changed for Burr however once after two years at FSU, the Westerly native decided she wanted to study nursing. Affordability and the chance to be closer to home once again were the main factors in her coming. However, she credits her decision to join the tennis team with how easily she feels she’s transitioned to her new environment. 

   Over the summer in order to get back into tennis shape, Burr started out playing weekly matches with her mother before summer team practices began. Burr credits the chance to practice against the rest of her new team and the various styles each individual player brings to the table as a massive component of her return to form.

   Burr made her presence on the team known early on, with her being slotted into the number one singles spot from day one of the regular season. 

“Starting towards the top of the line up was a bit intimidating, I didn’t want to feel like I was coming and taking over some spots from players who had been here longer, I was afraid girls would be upset about it but I soon realized how genuinely happy the girls on the team were for me.” 

Since joining the team Burr has yet to record a loss in the teams first 8 matches. 

   Overall Burr has adored her time so far as a member of the Anchorwomen,

 “It is one of the best teams I’ve ever been on, it being a smaller team makes it really feel like a family, it’s so crazy that I’ve only been here a month because it feels like years, they’re so welcoming and so kind. Being at RIC it really feels like I’m home again and my teammates are a huge part of that.”