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Exam Essay Requirements

Essay writing is an important part of the level exam, providing an opportunity to test our theoretical and practical knowledge of Taijiquan. It is also an opportunity to provide feedback on our personal experience.

We believe that this is not only important for passing the exam, Tai Chi Chuan will have a good impact on our practice in the future. Before you get started, you need to understand that you do not have to do everything yourself, you can use the services of best essay writing service reddit. In this letter, we would like to give some guidance on essay requirements and how to prepare them.

1. Essay format for level exam

In the future, on the first page of the abstracts submitted, please indicate the following:

1. name of the author,

2. the date the essay was submitted, and

3. what level does this or that essay belong to.

For ease of processing, please describe the topics/questions according to the level of the exam that the essay should cover.

It is also important to indicate the sources (for example, books, articles, websites) that we used when writing make an essay for me.

2. Essay Language

Duan Shifu will personally read the essays and give his opinion on them, after which everyone can revise my essay. Therefore, it is necessary that we deliver them in English. This does not necessarily mean that it must be written in English, as it can be translated later.

If you are unable to write an essay in English, indicate when submitting that you need help with translation! We will then send essays to two Jailoyan who have offered to help in such cases. We ask you to use this option only as a last resort, and we appreciate all the efforts you make to resolve the translation problem yourself.

Of course, we will be happy if you send an essay in several languages, for example, in Russian. in English or Chinese and Hungarian.

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