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NodeJS is used to develop applications that make extensive use of the ability to run JavaScript both on a client as well as the server. It uses a single threaded event loop to handle requests. The non-blocking I/O eliminates the need for multi-threading. As a result, it is highly scalable and the load intensity in the server is not as much as PHP. Before NodeJS, Javascript was only used for client-side development. Separate devs had to be hired for backend and frontend. With the inception of NodeJS, full-stack Javascript was finally possible. One can use NodeJS in the front end, back end as well as in mobile development. Logistic Infotech is a Node.js web & mobile app service provider developing user-friendly apps for clients.

Are you looking for Node.JS Development Company? Logistic Infotech provides NodeJs Web and Mobile App Development Services in USA, UK, India, and UAE. Hire Us Now! We have dedicatedly developed lightweight, scalable, and flexible web applications with a difference built on the open-source and cross-platform Node.js framework.

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