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How to Finalize a Dissertation in the Applied Direction?

Finalization of the dissertation is the only obstacle that arises when performing scientific research. It is she who becomes the reason for the author's inadmissibility to protect masterpiece due to the identified shortcomings. In 99% of cases, editing and improving the project for any profile is necessary due to the inconsistency of the material with the stated requirements: the recommendations of the supervisor, the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, etc.

The work of the applied plan deserves special attention, where such criteria as accuracy, efficiency, and relevance are important. Refinement of such projects is more difficult than in humanitarian areas, where it is enough to dilute the material with new facts. It requires a total approach, taking into account various factors and features.

Improving the methodological apparatus of the dissertation

How to improve the project? One of the most important tools of any research is the methods used by the author. It is these techniques that allow you to collect, process a lot of information, test various theories and facts, and obtain new information and conclusions. Therefore, they need to be given special attention. The more effective the project methodology, the higher the efficiency and the better the result. What methods can the author use when writing a dissertation research?

In order to correctly select the tools for solving the intended problem, it is important to narrow the range of the author's actions as much as possible: determine the object and subject of research, consider standard methods, identify key factors affecting the object, etc. The more accurately the methods are chosen, the better the material will be and the more accurate the result.

Working with terminology

Applied disciplines are globally different from other areas. Here it is unthinkable to conduct an experiment or develop something new without taking into account the various properties of elements, environmental and internal factors, accurate measurements, etc. Moreover, each step will be accompanied by the use of specific terms that are unique to the chosen specialty. It is important not only to include “abstruse phrases” in the context, but also to understand them, use them skillfully and competently.

Be sure to check the project for compliance with the requirements. Their non-compliance (inaccurate compliance) is the most common mistake of authors, which entails disastrous consequences and loss of time for editing.

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