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Welcome back to a sense of normalcy

Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro

Managing Editor

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Welcome back, Anchors! Hopefully this semester will see a return to some sense of normalcy: in person classes, being able to sit near your friends in class, spectators at sporting events, and optional masks.

There is still the ever-looming threat of COVID, however. Though it seems as if the worst is behind us, we as a community still need to be cognizant of the fact that any of us can get sick at any time. This was also true in the pre-covid times, but it’s now especially important due to the rapid manifestation and various variants of COVID.

Rhode Island College has loosened their COVID restrictions for now, with the understanding that if local cases rise, guidelines can and will change. For now, there is no testing requirement, though campus residents did have to provide proof of a negative test result 24-48 hours before coming to campus or sit for a rapid test upon arrival. There is also no longer a mask mandate, however professors can still require masks to be worn in their classes, and those who want to wear one still can. There are no specific requirements as to the type of mask, so as of now any type of mask can be worn.

RIC is no longer imposing a social distancing requirement at the moment, though it’s still highly recommended.

Updates to the college’s COVID policy can be seen here.

To report a possible case of COVID, or for information about how the school is conducting testing, events, etc., please use this link:

For statewide data regarding COVID, check out the RI Department of Health website:

It is still important to maintain hand hygiene, stay home from school and potentially seek medical care if you aren’t feeling well. Do your best to limit contact with others and reach out to your professors if necessary.

Let’s have a great year, Anchors! Together, we can live out the RIC motto: Reach. Inspire. Connect.


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