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Virginia Caetano: Artist in the making

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Credit to artist Virginia Caetano

Virginia Caetano is one of Rhode Island College’s prominent artists. She is an art education major here, specifically dealing with a variety of 2D mediums to create. While she is likely to use colored pencil and charcoal, she simply enjoys using color. Lots of markers, watercolor paints and gouache are used in many different pieces. Pastels are used to “combine the best of both the color and charcoal worlds!”

A passion that first started in her elementary school days, it quickly stuck with her all the way through high school, where she created pieces continuously. All it took was for the particular watercolor painting of a flower, and poof! Before anyone knew, she found her true calling.

Caetano’s pieces are heavily influenced by her music taste, along with numerous artists as well. She prefers to have a clear headspace when creating, but her most satisfying pieces come from being placed within a group setting, hence why she loves being in class. Much like everyone else, COVID-19 has been a challenge for an aspiring artist, negatively affecting her inspiration and drive for a passion that has such a detrimental effect upon her life.

As of right now, she is in between projects for her art classes here at RIC. One major piece is an abstract piece that is still being completed. Her personal projects have been put to the side because of her busy class schedule. She hopes she will be able to pursue them and get back to doing the art she loves most once the semester ends.


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