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Trial of Introspection

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

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For all the things the mind can transcribe,

Thoughts of obstacles close the gates of time

Regrets are mistakes magnified to justify why every emotion is set to testify

A brain is judge, jury and executioner

For the God-like moments, there’s a must to meet Lucifer

Physiological terror stems from a psychological tremor

Self explicit war tactics is a dilemma to remember

The issue is within,

The incognito demon to society walks among human skin-

Contained five layers deep is the eighth deadly sin-

Created by false pretenses it’s a parasite with a grin.

To reach a breakthrough one must first break in

Everything is easier said than done

But written words provide symbolism for everyone,

Change happens when actions are above little to none

This mental battle has not yet been won


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