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Time for you to do you

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Mia Raspanti

Asst. News Editor

Throughout my life, I have always preached the act of selfishness. Yes, you’re reading that right, selfishness. While it is obviously a great trait to have an undying passion for helping others and making sure everybody else is OK, I have noticed that we often forget to give ourselves that same tender care when it comes to what we want and need. It is not uncommon to put others before yourself, but making yourself your first priority is something you might have never known you needed - until now.

Taking care of yourself and tending to your needs doesn’t have to be some big to-do. After all, you know yourself and what makes you happy better than anybody else. I try to start every day by asking myself the same question, “What do I want to do today?” in addition to the tasking question of “What do I need to do today?” Small acts of self-care make all the difference. It could be something as small as listening to music in bed when you first wake up, making your favorite meal or listening to your body and taking a nap when you are tired. We are in control of our own bodies; why not listen to them?

We are living through a historical time period in which our lives got pulled out from underneath us and did a complete turnaround. Life now is not how it was a year ago, nor will it ever be that way again. Being a student, working and maintaining a social life are three pillars of our lives that are currently extremely difficult to balance. Incorporating small aspects of self-care into your daily routine can assist in making your days that much easier to get through. We need to learn to be easier on ourselves and show ourselves the same love and compassion that we show someone we love when they are hurting. Open your heart to yourself, take care of your needs and take it day by day. We only have one life, why not live it how you want? It’s time for you to do you.


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