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The STORGYS return on April 14

Raymond Baccari


Logo via SCG

Student Community Government’s annual Student Organization Awards Ceremony, also known as the STORGYS, is returning later this month on Friday, April 14. The last year SCG held this event was in 2019, with COVID putting it on the backburner for a couple of school years.

The STORGYS is an awards ceremony held for all student organizations at Rhode Island College, similar to the Oscars and Grammys. This year’s event will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Students on campus were asked in early March to nominate students and student organizations on campus for a variety of awards such as student organization of the year, most active freshman, best new club, etc. Following the nomination process, students were then sent ballots via email to cast their votes for these said awards.

The award winners are set to be announced during this year’s ceremony. SCG’s Secretary, Matthew Jacques, worked alongside the Student Organization Committee to bring back this event.

Jacques told The Anchor he has high expectations for the event’s anticipated return, explaining this is new for a number of students on campus.

“Regarding this year's Student Organization Awards Ceremony, I would say that there are high expectations for the quality of this event,” Jacques said. “Since this is the first time the event is occurring since 2019 before the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation among students. For our graduating senior class they have not experienced a Student Organization Awards Ceremony since their freshman year of college and for the rest of our student population for the most part, they have not seen a STORGY’s.”

SCG’s Student Organization Coordinator, Gianna Rose, shares just as much excitement heading into this year’s event.

“We have been anticipating bringing back the Student Organization Awards Ceremony for months,” Rose said. “We have not had this award ceremony since 2019 and I am so excited that we are bringing the STORGY’s back this year. Secretary Jacques, the Student Organization Committee and I have worked relentlessly to make sure this event will be successful. Secretary Jacques and I could not have done this without the generous work from the Student Organization Committee, and for that we want to truly thank them for their hard work and dedication.”

This year’s theme is “Under the Sea,” with the title “Anchors Away.” The dress code will be semi formal.

Here are the following award categories that will be presented along with their respective nominees.

Best social event:

  • G.A.M.E.R.’s “Game Night 2022.”

  • Latin American Student Organization’s (LASO) “50th Anniversary.”

  • Sojourn’s “Polar Plunge.”

Best on campus program:

  • Resident Student Association’s (RSA) “Carnival.”

  • G.A.M.E.R’s “Game Night 2022.”

Best cooperative program:

  • Ballroom Dance and LASO’s “Latin Night.”

  • RSA and Sojourn’s “Pumpkin Painting.”

Best on campus event:

  • G.A.M.E.R.’s “Dave N’ Busters.”

  • Sojourn’s “Polar Plunge.”

Most original program:

  • Motherland’s Finest’s “Black History Month Performance.”

  • Accounting Association’s “Quickbooks Training.”

Best educational program:

  • Pre Law Society’s “RIC Alumni return to talk to students.”

  • Accounting Association’s “Quickbooks Training.”

  • English Club’s “Blind Date with a Book.”

Best new club:

  • Motherland's Finest.

  • Disc Golf Club.

  • Graduate Student Nursing Association.

Best public service:

  • Theta Phi Alpha Sorority’s “Volunteer Work to help the Homeless.”

  • WXIN’s “Fall Showcase.”

  • Sojourn’s “Polar Plunge.”

Best fundraiser:

  • Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity’s “Concert for a Cause.”

  • Sojourn’s “Polar Plunge.”

Best cultural program:

  • Motherland’s Finest’s “Black History Month Performance.”

  • Ballroom Dance and LASO’s “Latin Night.”

  • LASO’s “50th Anniversary.”

Most active freshman:

  • Orli Juarez.

  • Ryan Martin.

  • Tess Sullivan.

Most outstanding advisor:

  • Casey Smith.

  • Arthur Patrie.

  • Michael Caine.

Most dedicated member of an organization:

  • Tristian Lacourse.

  • TJ Clifford.

  • Tess Sullivan.

Most dedicated multi club member:

  • Michael Rossi.

  • Asley Corrales.

  • Matthew Jacques.

Best student organization president:

  • Amber Duffy.

  • Bennett Whitcomb.

  • TJ Clifford.

Best student organization vice president:

  • Hannah Loiselle.

  • Michael Rossi.

  • Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro.

Best student organization secretary:

  • Hydin Stallman.

  • Tess Sullivan.

  • Paola Ginel Diaz.

Best student organization treasurer:

  • Noah Dowhan.

  • Jillian Nash.

  • Steven Venditelli.

Student organization of the year:

  • WXIN.

  • LASO.

  • Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

Most dedicated parliament member:

  • Shihren Brower.

  • Gianna DelMonico.

  • Paola Ginel Diaz.

Most dedicated non-parliament member:

  • William Dempsey.

  • Cristian Chivalan.

  • Jillian Harris.

All student organizations were given invitation forms by SCG to submit. Student organizations who still have not sent their form in have until 12 p.m. Wednesday on a first come, first serve basis.


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