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The Devil’s game

Lissette Quiñones

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Graphic via Unknown Source

Heaven gave birth to a demon of highest praise

Question its purpose for the sequence of childish games

You should’ve known that its vixen would hurt

With that long hair and those sweet eyes

You’re decision was to never return,

But you’ve gone there at least three times

It isn’t the hand that you’re dealt but how you play cards

Christians are damned since hell seems to break hearts

And you cannot turn over and fold- it’ll call your bluff

Pick up new sets and see if they serve your needs better

You’ll be observed closer in its hold and fall and hurt enough

It's much of a nuisance but you feel you deserve to be together

So you’ll keep put in a place destined for glory

Knowing you won’t be safe resting in it poorly

Continue to pursue and invoke upon the depths of elevation

Listening to the cards shuffle with a devilish patience

Though the truth is you know that your friend, hell, is waiting

Wishing your hearts’ struggle wasn’t helping this satan

Giving it the upper hand- folding like a coward

Giving it another chance knowing you can't fight the power

Roll the dice and check each side to see if you win

You’re willing to place a bet using your life as collateral

It controls your life- guaranteed to make you feel stupid

Killing your faith and self respect-to make it right you roll after all

But heaven is not kind to those who fake identities

Yet repentance does not mind- therefore takes your mental peace

You are too lovely to not cherish it all at the table

Others have to play you once or twice

You think you’re ugly but such hellish thoughts are fatal

Lovers shouldn’t play you- should’ve done you right

The felt on the table shows your beautiful attributes

None else can ignore what’s unrefusable though some have refused

That is their shame- you are not at fault for such moments

Yet your conscience carries the weight of their hatred

You carry their pains- hence why you fall and love opponents

- why they’ve become conscious of the place where heaven’s gate is

The place where hell is the downstairs basement

Where pre-existing faith can’t help- now is complacent

Pride is the devilish bliss of the compliments you give

You speak and the heat rises hot enough to extinct earth

Lies are told for the hell of it but the real convict is cupid

To think that we could be in love but when we link it hurts

Saying that heaven is the mother of a devil is a childish game

It's playing her that's dangerous for lovers- but you like this pain.


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