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That One Toxic Relationship

Isabella Santoro

Photography Editor

Taken care of by Isabella Santoro

You’re the spring in my step, leading my feet to new adventures

The fire in my heart, burning away one match at a time

The shadow beside me, watching my every mistake

The chilly river I plunge into, giving me no other choice

You’re the music after the deadly silence, one I thought would never end

The storm I lose myself in, all I wanted was to see the light show

The ice cold lemonade on a hot day, oh so refreshing

The frozen hands that stop my beating heart,

You’re the freshly picked roses in my room, always in full bloom

The dying grass I run across, I can’t help but love the prickle

The butterfly perched on my nose, precious and so mysterious

The angry wolf, howling at night, your anger ever so eerie

You’re the thunderstorm on a hot night, suffocating

The calm moonlight, the cicadas chirping

The wind crushing my lungs, pulverizing me

The rainbow after the rain, a bittersweet silver lining

You destroy me

You build me

You right me

You ruin me


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