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Team Preview: Men’s Baseball

David Blais

Asst. Sports Director

Photo via

The men’s baseball team for Rhode Island College (RIC) has been looking to aloft for the past few years. The squad’s competitiveness has led to four straight winning seasons, from 2018-2021 under head coach Frank Holbrook. The full 2021 season saw the Anchormen finish with a 23-11 record. These players are hungry and ready to prove they can win the Little East Conference (LEC) Championship.

Sophomore first baseman Cal Parillio believes the team can win it all this year. Parillio in his freshman effort racked up 39 hits and 34 RBIS. Being part of the success of last season, he has great insight on what the team can achieve. Parillio stated “The ultimate goal is to win it all. Compete for a championship.” The first baseman continued “We are a competitive team against Southern Maine. The 2-1 game last year was crucial and we were on the losing end of that.” The University of Southern Maine won the LEC Championship against the Eastern Connecticut State Warriors in a thrilling 7-6 victory.

An important aspect that will dictate the success of this crew is how the diverse group of rookies and veterans will mesh with one another. Coach Holbrook has done a great job of building team chemistry over the years and utilizing players to get wins. Parillio believes that “Coach plays who he feels the best guys are. Coach does a great job and gives the team the best opportunity to win.” There is no doubt the coaching staff has their eyes on the prize just as much as the players.

Ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic initiated, fans have not been allowed to attend sporting events at any of the colleges. With fans returning this year, they are guaranteed to give that needed support and atmosphere that will provide RIC an advantage. When discussing this topic, Parillio expressed “When there are no fans, it is definitely different. They bring energy and momentum that helps the team. We feed off one another.”

The men’s baseball season is expected to kickoff in March of 2022 with full fan attendance and little to no guidelines. The confidence of the roster has led to high expectations. The team will settle for nothing less than to be the best, the champs.


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