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Rock Hunt 2023 brought the nightlife to RIC

Olivia Barone

Anchor Staff Writer

Photo by Olivia Barone

Rock Hunt 2023 came to an end Thursday night with performances from the six talented finalists voted in by RIC’s student body. After three nights of tunes and good company, Rock Hunt was an event to remember.

Hosted by RIC’s very own student-run radio station, 90.7 WXIN, students and guests were invited to the Beestro for a three-part event in which students voted to see their favorite Rhode Island and Massachusetts-based bands climb their way into the campus spotlight.

The six bands voted to play on Thursday by RIC’s community included, “Indelego,” “Namé,” “Rowing Club,” “Plastyc Peachez,” “Guess Method” and “Socially Problematic Children.”

All six bands brought their A game in hopes of winning the first place prize of $1,000 and their place as the Rock Hunt’s 2023 champions. The subsequent second and third place winners would bring home $700 and $300 respectively while also being crowned Rock Hunt victors.

Above all, the six battle-of-the-bands combatants successfully brought together RIC students and company from across the state for a final night of fun.

This year’s winners were “Plastyc Peachez” in first place, “Namé” for second place and “Guess Method” for third place.

A wide range of visitors attended the event from students seeking a break from preparing for finals to guests who wanted to indulge in RIC’s community. Anyone who wandered into the Beestro Thursday night was welcomed by upbeat drums and the energetic sounds of electric guitar.

“As a community, it [Rock Hunt] really brought people together… Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. It just had good vibes all around,” A guest on campus told The Anchor.

Music poured out of the Beestro and inside, a passionate audience cheered on each band who stepped onto the campus stage. On the patio, attendees lounged in the night air and enjoyed each other’s company as they jammed out. No corner of the campus café was without the dancing and laughing of elated guests.

Rock Hunt has provided music-lovers from across Rhode Island a place to connect with like-minded people since the 1980s when the event began. I speak for all RIC students and community members when I say I am already looking forward to Rock Hunt 2024 mere hours after the event finale.

If not just a place to become acquainted with the indie-music scene of Rhode Island, Rock Hunt 2023 brought the nightlife to campus. Amidst the strobe lights and heartbeat of drums, RIC found a love of music and a rejuvenated campus community.

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