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RIC rocks out at WXINStock

Olivia Barone

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Photo from Insta @ricradio

The fall semester began with a bang last week when RIC’s own radio station, 90.7 WXIN, hosted WXINStock, a festival-style concert featuring five Rhode Island based bands. Last year’s Rock Hunt winner, Plastyc Peachez, headlined the event alongside a troupe of talented musical groups with genres ranging from indie rock and pop to jazz.

Indelego and Liminal Space also performed, both setting a good vibe for the remainder of the night. Indelego’s most recent single, “I Will Be Your Ghost,” can be streamed on Spotify alongside an exciting discography sporting an alternative-rock sound. Liminal Space was enchanting to listen to, their hypnotic sound filling the quad. They do not currently have any music released, but those interested can follow them on Instagram to keep up with their growth.

The self-described “two-piece punk act” Film & Gender shook up the RIC stage with an equally fun and unique performance. Their single, “Fetishize Me,” and EP, “Fruit and Dairy,” can be streamed on Spotify. Film & Gender’s second annual end of summer escapade is ongoing, with shows scheduled through Sept. 30. Dates and locations for future shows are posted on their Instagram.

In the lead up to the finale, Appala’s Eclipse gave a high-energy performance of songs from their debut album, “Appala’s Eclipse” and recent single, “Look At You Now,” both of which can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. The rock band was personable, opening with a series of jokes at the expense of bassist Paul Simmons, who humorously set the crowd up for an unforgettable performance.

WXINStock concluded with featured performer Plastyc Peachez, an up and coming band based in Providence. Talented in a range of genres including pop punk, emo and alternative, Plastyc Peachez covered all of the bases for RIC’s music-loving community. Their most recent single “Green Day Packerz,” and other releases, can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. Plastyc Peachez ended the night with a cover of Simple Plan’s “What’s New, Scooby Doo?” after audience members rallied together for an encore.

WXIN is prepared to bring local talent to campus all semester long, with plenty more events and shows to come. Follow WXIN on Instagram and tune into 90.7 FM or stream RIC’s student-run station on Twitch.


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