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RIC offers sustainability through Learning 4 Life

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

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PROVIDENCE, R.I., -- Rhode Island College breaks the stigma of a non-supportive institution with the organization Learning for Life. This institution run organization is meant to help, guide and nurture students along their school career at RIC. In attempts to familiarize themselves with the modern workings of today’s students, the group is reachable through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat; not only through direct office contact.

Associate Director for the L4L office, Daniel Reyes writes “Learning for Life is here to connect students to on and off campus resources and opportunities; empowering them to overcome obstacles on their journey to graduation.” In a brief introduction to the organization he went on to say. “ L4L’s team of trained Navigators serve as peer mentors and advocates for students. We strive to help build a community where students feel accepted, included, and safe. The L4L network of resources includes support for everyday living, such as food accessibility, transportation, childcare, housing, financial resources, mental wellness resources, etc.”

The group navigates through their own staff to find the best navigator to match an individual student's needs. L4L navigators specialize in many aspects from being a first generation/year or out-of-state student, to not meeting the 2.0 grade requirements, or maintaining sanity and balance between work and school. Navigation is also processed through an initial participation form which asks general questions to best specify all problems the individual is experiencing. Checkboxes on the form include simple categories such as, adult learner (age 25+), veteran/military-connected, pregnant and/or parenting, and graduate student. However, to give the best outcome there are deeper assessments to the checkboxes such as, students whose first language is something other than English, student experiences disability or mental health challenges, and previous or present experience with the DCYF system.

Students interested in guidance from L4L navigators can email or Associate Director Reyes at Participation forms can also be found on the school website with more information on how to get involved. Effortlessly adhering to the outlined restrictions by the Center for Disease Control, and the RI Department of Health, the L4L team adopted the delivery of services to incorporate providing more support virtually or via phone. The office hours for the remote working staff is Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 430 p.m., and the office can be reached at 401-456-6320.

For the students in immediate distress there is a 24/7 RIC HOPE line: 401-456-HOPE (4673). This HOPE line is in an attachment to the college counseling center providing continuous support to the student body.




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