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RIC goes 2-1 in the Roger Williams Duals meet

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Aidan Thompson

Assistant Sports Editor

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Rhode Island College had an impressive showing at Saturday’s Roger Williams Duals meet. RIC went 2-1 at this meet, defeating both Hunter College and New Jersey City University, 47-8 and 43-6 respectively.

The only loss RIC had from this meet was to New York University, who won 31-18. This now puts the Anchormen’s overall record for the season so far at 2-2.

During the New York University match, RIC Freshman, Fred Luchs, who is in the 125 lb class started the Anchormen off strong with a pin. This gave RIC a big 6-0 lead to start things off during the matchup versus NYU. Luchs was able to give the anchormen a nice lead, but NYU reduced the deficit and took a lead themselves, 13-6. What led to this lead change was Benny Bautista earning a decision victory over Brett Redner and Nicholas Kruczynski winning a major decision over Michael Pestana.

However, that did not hurt the anchorman's spirits. Junior Eric Zane earned a win via decision as well as Nathan Lackman, both of which ended up pulling RIC to within a point. The comeback was short lived, however, as NYU secured their victory with three consecutive pins, ending with the aforementioned score of 31-18.

RIC’s first win of the meet came against Hunter where it was won in dominating fashion. Luchs and Redner gained early pins, which resulted in RIC having a commanding 12-0 lead, leaving Hunter to have to play catchup.

Hunter was unable to gain and reduce RIC’s lead, as the Anchormen only added onto their big start. Pestana and Saliou Jobe, who won by forfeit and a technical fall respectively, pushed the lead to 18-0 and the Anchormen never looked back. Following Jobe and Pestana’s wins, RIC earned four consecutive wins by forfeit, securing their first of two victories of the night.

The Anchormen’s second win of this meet came against New Jersey City with the aforementioned score of 43-6.

The match began with a forfeit victory giving Luchs a win for RIC. Kwesi Amoa won versus Lucas Torre via a major decision. Following Amoa’s victory, the Anchormen continued to put their foot on the gas, with Pestana getting a pinfall, cementing three consecutive wins under RIC’s column.

The Anchormen’s win streak ended after Jeff Johnson defeated Jobe by a 5-0 decision. This didn’t bother RIC, however, as they went on a bigger streak, with four straight wins to close the lid and get their second victory of the night. Amongst these four wins were a 4-2 decision by Zane, a pinfall win by Lackman, a pin by Junior Chirstohper McCarthy and a forfeit win by Junior Matthew Myers.

RIC then ended things off with a pinfall win by Junior Michael Alfonso.

The Anchormen will be on the road for their next match against Castleton University, located in Castleton, Vermont, on Saturday, Dec. 10, at 12 p.m. Later on that day, RIC will also have matches against Plymouth State University at 2 p.m. and University of Southern Maine at 4 p.m.


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