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RIC film students to premiere original movie “Endings”

Sophia DiNaro

Anchor Staff Writer

Photo via @film_program_ric on Instagram

The film studies program is holding a premiere for its original movie, “Endings,” on May 5 at 7 p.m. in Gaige Hall, room 100. It’s an anthology movie featuring three short films, written and directed by Emily Daltorio, Angelica DiMaio and Greg Jason.

The shorts, “Growth Spurt,” “Show Me How to Live” and “Politics Are Falling Apart,” are connected by a common titular theme: endings. These films cover topics such as grief, loss and adapting to change in a transitional stage of life.

Production began last semester in FILM 372, where the students worked collaboratively to prepare for on-set production. After applying for various set positions, they began filming in February for FILM 374. Under the guidance of professors and executive producers Rosalind Sibielski and Neal Mercier, the students applied their previous knowledge of filmmaking to a long-term, personal project.

Students who took FILM 218 this spring were also involved in filming, which ended in March. They are currently working on editing the final version of the movie.

“The professors volunteered their time and resources to help us achieve our goals,” DiMaio, director of “Show Me How to Live,” said. “They definitely encouraged creative expression and afforded us creative freedom when possible.”

DiMaio also noted that her favorite part of the production was getting to work closely with her classmates as they helped bring her script to life.

Having production experience is necessary to starting a career in the film industry, but it’s not always easily accessible. These unique classes have helped to alleviate this issue in Rhode Island by giving future filmmakers the space to develop their skills and form a creative community.

“Learning about filming in class is one thing, but having hands-on experience in a production and being involved in the creative process helped me start to understand how to be a good director,” Daltorio, director of “Growth Spurt,” said about the experience.

Join the film studies students and faculty in celebrating their hard work by attending this premiere. The premiere is free and open to the entire RIC community. Casual and dress clothes are acceptable. Follow the program on Instagram @film_program_ric for updates, including a teaser trailer.


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