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RIC celebrates winter with Winterfest

Olivia Barone

Anchor Staff Writer

Photo by Olivia Barone

Rhode Islanders braved the chill last weekend and joined RIC students on the quad for a day of fun at Winterfest. The third annual event was a renowned success as the student body welcomed families from across the state to indulge in our community and wish winter farewell.

RIC’s Dining Services offered an array of sweet treats from cookies to chocolate waffles. Most excitingly was the DIY s’mores station where visitors could roast marshmallows over open campfires and craft their perfect snack. If guests weren’t already stuffed on dessert, pizza and hot chili were served generously by RIC staff. Warm drinks were prepared to ward off the cold and I was most excited to find a hot chocolate station complete with whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles.

I was delighted to chow down while listening to the comfortable snapping of firewood. The morning chill was strong, but RIC came prepared with hand-warmers and open flame. Our visitors didn’t seem to mind either, huddled together and listening to music while enjoying each others’ company.

Activities were strewn about the quad including a snowball throw, balloon animals, cornhole and chess tables offered by RIC’s own Chess club. There was even an opportunity to create a furry friend in the form of a stuffed polar bear or husky. I jumped at the chance and made a polar bear, sporting an adorable RIC Winterfest T-shirt.

Guests who wanted to see more of RIC’s campus were invited on a horse-drawn carriage ride around the property. Pulled by two beautiful white horses, their hooves could be heard throughout RIC’s very own winter wonderland.

Joining us for our festivities and hailing from Arendelle, Anna, Elsa and Olaf made an appearance. They took photos with guests and brought a little magic to the beautiful morning.

However, Elsa was not the only guest on campus with a love for ice. A beautiful sculpture of the RIC anchor was carved from ice live for guests to admire. It made a stunning centerpiece for the event.

To finish, RIC students, alumni, family and friends were invited to skate at The Providence Rink. Goodies and warm refreshments were offered for skaters to enjoy, offering an enjoyable conclusion to RIC’s Winterfest 2023.

The event offered an opportunity for the RIC community to come together and wave goodbye to what are hoped to be the final few weeks of winter. The RIC staff did an outstanding job organizing activities and catering to the many new faces who wandered to campus looking for a sweet treat and a little fun.

Winterfest was a wholesome end to the chilly season and effectively gave me and many others a little steam to march towards summer.


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