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RIC basketball put on halt

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Jenfrin Rodriguez

Sports Editor

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November sees basketball as a whole be forced to take a brief hiatus due to a player from both the mens and womens team testing positive for covid. While those two have been placed in isolation, safety precautions have been taken by having the rest of both teams in quarantine to ensure the safety of the students. Team activity for the time being has been suspended until cleared at a later date in time.

The school is urging for students and faculty alike to take part in a list of activities to promote a healthy environment on campus. Among those is avoid touching your eyes, limit food sharing, stay home from work and school when you feel sick, limit the interactions with people outside of your household, maintaining distance of about six feet, and wearing face cloths out in public to name some.

COVID for the time being is halting the momentum of both teams, with the season set to tip off sometime in January. Players were seen on social media finally able to practice together and build team chemistry for the road ahead. This temporary setback will momentarily stop the momentum that is in the works. While this is not the outcome anybody would want, perseverance and hard times builds character.

While both teams wait the required period in isolation, it is going to be important to stay in shape while also being safe. The season is on the horizon, and how both teams are able to handle this situation will determine if they even get to play this coming season or not. With the season being extremely different from last year given the circumstances, teams are going to have to be more cautious and conscious of their health to minimize the risk involved all around.


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