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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Olivia Barone

Anchor Staff Writer

Image via Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

The Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA) called upon writers from across the state to share their beloved works at their 10th annual exposition earlier this month. Readers and aspiring authors alike flocked to the Crowne Plaza to meet some of Rhode Island’s most creative minds and dabble in a wide range of literary genres.

ARIA is a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly year-round to support Rhode Island’s artists by providing a platform designed to tap into their full potential. Having the help of ARIA’s incredible board of experienced creators, an author can find ghostwriters, illustrators, web-designers, marketers and editors to guide their work toward success. Alongside these services, ARIA offers annual events to advertise budding creators like the recent ARIA expo and a prominent Rhode Island Comic-Con appearance.

This year was my second volunteering at the annual ARIA exposition, and I could not be happier that I was invited to return. My admiration for the association and its team is unending as they continue to exceed my expectations. The Crowne Plaza’s grand ballroom was teeming with vendors offering an array of books, ranging across all genres. Novelists presented visitors with fantastical worlds and sci-fi concepts alongside historical writers and childrens’ book authors.

Patrons also had the opportunity to attend several panels that took place where experienced authors discussed tips and tricks for character writing, journalism and more. The event concluded with several raffles. Prizes for these raffles included donated trays of cookies, free painting classes and other baskets of goodies. Santa Claus made an appearance too, dispensing candy canes to the authors and spreading cheer to patrons.

I was welcomed with open arms by the warm community that attended, and while volunteering, received plenty of advice for an aspiring writer such as myself. It was author and board member, Angelina Singer, who invited me to the event last year and introduced me to Rhode Island’s most creative community – something I will be forever thankful for. I look forward to attending the exposition next December, and implore you to support your local artists and consider doing the same.

There might be a place for you within the ARIA community as the association is currently in search of an intern to manage their Instagram and other possible social media accounts. If you are a marketing or business student interested in gaining valuable contacts, experience and a supportive community, please contact Singer via email at


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