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Rhode Island IMDb certified actor has words for film students

Kaicie Boeglin


Certified IMDb actor Connor Holden broke down for the Anchor how to make a name for oneself within the film business. Rhode Island is a place in the history books known for being stubborn. Those who are stubborn in the sense of remaining true to their dreams are one of a kind. Holden is a 25-year old entertainment personality from Coventry, R.I. best known for his acting and modeling. This actor, model, singer, dancer and comedian does not have a shy bone in his body and explains this is the key to success.

Confidence comes hand in hand with perspective. If one understands their own vision then they can find solace in their own technique. As long as one is not scared of themselves, the stage fright they might have will disappear. Holden’s lessons for aspiring actors, actresses and film majors is to pursue their path and technique in their own way. Create and be something new that people find the need to question. Pressing that motive, Holden adds, “I’ve been given a lot of great advice and sayings that are all along the lines of just learning to not care what other people think of you. Never play it safe. Stay dirty. Nobody ever drowned in the mud.”

Holden reiterates for students that between school, work and finding a career path, “no matter what you pursue make sure you find time to create for yourself too. In between your milestones try to do work that keeps you creatively stimulated.”

Holden recently wrapped on a horror/comedy film this summer with a great group of people where he portrayed a funny obnoxious teen. The script and set had all the dark twisted fun elements that drew Holden to filmmaking. He explained the experience brought him back to the person he was as a kid and reminded him of why he started doing all this to begin with. Holden was a choir student through school, then became acquainted with theater studies and became Coventry’s starring actor. He is also known for his high school comedy YouTube series.

The Coventry native has worked on at least 26 projects thus far and is continually taking on roles. Holden always knew he wanted to act in movies, telling the Anchor “I wanted to be part of the world that’s on the screen before I knew what actors were. At a young age, I could never throw a football and I just liked performing. I was a very hyperactive kid who craved the attention that came with making others laugh. Growing up with two sisters I willingly played a lot of dress up which could have had an effect. When I was five it was seeing my older sister Shannon act on stage for our school that really made me try it.”

Holden draws inspiration for his wide span of roles from projects such as Trainspotting, Little Miss Sunshine, Death at a Funeral, A Clockwork Orange, Shaun of the Dead, Fight Club, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Breaking Bad and South Park. “I get the most out of drama and comedy. They are fun to switch between especially if a project comes along that has both.”

The process of getting a film made is this entertainment personality’s favorite aspect of the business. Being able to play various characters in a new setting is a thrill for all actors unlike any other. Holden reminds himself on every set that what is being done is a business but what they are doing is also fun. His most recent role in “Horny Teenager Must Die”, The actor starves for the more creative roles and being able to make himself useful on set. “Acting is only a portion of what I am capable of and there’s still so many things I haven’t done yet that keeps me hungry.”

Inside this Anchor exclusive Holden made it clear that confidence and success cannot come without motivation. He urges all film studies majors and anyone interested in the film industry to expand their horizons. Actors can be more than actors, as script writers and camera crew are needed too. The more one knows about the realm outside the span of the camera, will allow one to better act and maneuver when within the camera. “Don’t just wait by the mailbox for the next big gig. When you're auditioning for a role or filming a scene, never be afraid to ask ‘can I try something?”’


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