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Rhode Island College actors go for gold in “Macbeth”

Kaicie Boeglin 

News Editor

Rhode Island College actors showcase their competition-level talent through William Shakespeare's “Macbeth.” From Feb. 21st to Feb. 25th, RIC's mainstage presented its performance of the well-known tragedy, “Macbeth.” The college's rendition, as well as the 45 individuals who helped put it together, have been entered into the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival with eligibility for regional response and possible awards, scholarships and grants. 

Photo taken by Kaicie Boeglin

The five act play consisted of much emotion and great teamwork. Starring as Macbeth was Eliza Vecchiarelli, whose performance was immaculate. They spoke with diction and created the infamous character with pride. Lady Macbeth, played by Colleen Farrel, was an icon to behold. Lady Macbeth is the character argued to carry the weight of the story. Farrel encapsulated the essence of the character and was arguably the Anchor's favorite actor. Both Vecchiarelli and Farrel proved talent that will take them further into the acting and theater industry. Madaline Brown, who played the part of Macduff, stood out for their determination of character. Brown is a natural born star whose essence can surprise, enlighten or even intimidate an audience. To truly bring an audience back to the middle ages can be hard, but these actors did it easily.

Despite not having the space for a grand set, the production staff did an amazing job highlighting aspects of each scene. Animation provided by Madisen Armenti illuminated the scene for the witches three. Light Board Operator Jordan Donovan and Sound/Video Operator Marcus Pimental were on perfect cue each night allowing for a beautiful performance. The entire scene shop crew, wardrobe staff, props master, carpenters, directors, choreographers, managers and designers should be exceptionally proud. The sole focus of the audience was mesmerized by the fluidity of the cooperation between electronic and emotional control. The elegant portrayal of this tragedy through the RIC theater perspective put a spotlight on these students as a team.

This production was entered in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KC/ACTF) due to its quality both on and off stage. This Festival involves over 18,000 students across various colleges and universities nationwide. Through recognition from this Festival students can be selected to participate in KC/ACTF programs or earn awards. Awards could also accompany scholarships and special grants for actors, playwrights and designers. Entrance into this Festival gives way for the college and the students to get critiqued at both the regional and national levels. These critiques will come with the notice that this entire cast and production team deserve.

No part fell short with this play. The tragedy of “Macbeth” as shown by RIC drew in the audience from the very first moment, fiending for more. The Anchor will remain up to date on whether or not the production of Macbeth wins any awards from the KC/ACTF. To see the talent for yourself, make sure you get your tickets to the theater's next performance “Cry-Baby: The Musical.”


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