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President-elect Joe Biden announces cabinet appointees

Mia Raspanti

Asst. News Editor

Photo via Business Insider

With the 2021 presidential inauguration less than sixty days away, the incoming Biden Administration has begun assembling its inner circle. Biden’s cabinet picks thus far have been sparse, yet are setting the stage for the type of cabinet Americans could expect during his term.

Two weeks following the Associated Press’s declaration of former Vice-President Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential election, GSA Administrator Emily Murphy formally began the transition process from a Trump administration to a Biden administration. This move, although typically done within hours of the media’s projections, released over $3.7 million in transition funding and resources to the incoming president-elect’s team allowing them to begin the formal hiring of the president-elect’s incoming cabinet.

The incoming president has announced several of his key White house staff members, including Ron Klain as the president’s Chief of Staff, Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor, Jen O'Malley Dillon as the president’s Deputy Chief of Staff and the first all female communications team, with Obama administration veteran Jennifer Psaki serving as Press Secretary.

Vice President Harris has chosen Tina Fluornoy as her chief of staff. Fluornoy served this position under the Clinton administration. She is experienced in this position and is expected to serve well in Biden’s cabinet.

The Biden Administration has additionally chosen Rohini Kosoglu to serve in the position of domestic policy advisor. Kosuglu served as Harris’ chief of staff during her time serving in the senate office. Nancy McEldowney, similar to Fluornoy, served under the Clinton Administration in foreign policy relations and will serve Harris as her national security advisor.

Brian Deese, newly proclaimed director of The Economic Council, served in the Obama Administration and assisted in lifting the country out of the 2009 recession and establishing the Paris Climate Accord. Many are dissatisfied with Deese being granted this position due to his lack of concern in regard to rising climate emissions due to large energy companies. His stance on this topic is an issue of concern for progressive members of the Democratic party,

The Biden Administration promises that they are working to create a diverse cabinet. Other prospective White House staff include Janet Yellen for Secretary of the Treasury, Neera Tanden for Director of the Office of Management and Budget and Wally Adeyemo for Deputy Secretary of The Treasury. Yellen, if elected, would be the first woman in history to be the lead of this department. As for Tanden would additionally be the first woman of color to lead the OMB.

Cecilia Rouse, a former member of the Obama-Biden Council of Economic Affairs would be the first African American woman to lead the Council of Economic Affairs in its 74 year history.

Kate Bedingfield, who will serve as Biden’s White House communications director, said, “The president-elect certainly understands and hears and welcomes the voices that are pushing him on diversity. That is how we make progress in this country.” Bedingfield assured Americans that the president-elect is committed to selecting the most qualified individuals and bringing diverse perspectives. Bedingfield said, “I think he has shown that in the nominees he has rolled out thus far, and he’s certainly committed to continuing to do that.”



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