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“Positively RIC!” 2023 kicks off spring

Angelina Coppola

Art Director

Photo by Raymond Baccari

After returning from spring break, the semester seems to fly by in an instant. Students typically have so many responsibilities to check off their list before summer, making the spring semester feel overwhelming.

Student activities created a list of programs for RIC students and organizations to both connect with each other and take their minds off the stressfulness they face at the end of an academic year. “Positively RIC!” and student organizations organized over a dozen unique events that all take place right on campus.

This year’s “Positively RIC!” program will run from March 13 to March 31. The kickoff took place on March 13 in the Beestro Café.

During this year’s lineup of events, students on campus have a chance to engage with all student organizations during these events. Not only can they get a look at what each club is about, but this also can help organizations with recruitment of new members.

Students can attend as many events to their liking and earn points for each event they attend, with each event being worth one point. The points can then be used to exchange for the following “Positively RIC!” prizes:

  • Go to any one program and get a “Positively RIC!” cup and decal.

  • Five or more points can be cashed in for a “Positively RIC!” bucket hat.

  • 10 or more points can be cashed in for a T-shirt.

  • And 15 or more points will reward students with a swag bag and entry into a raffle. The raffle’s grand prize is two Six Flags tickets complete with fast passes and meals.

A final celebration event to end “Positively RIC!” 2023 is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. also at the Beestro Café. During this celebration, prizes are going to be awarded alongside a raffle to announce the grand prize winner.

Some of the “Positively RIC!” 2023 events coming up this week include:

The remaining events’ dates, times, and descriptions can be found using this link.

As the spring semester comes to an end, these events are intended to provide students a chance to unwind before finals come.

Additional questions can be emailed to Miranda DiCenzo, a graduate assistant in the Student Union, at


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