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“Our Best Lives” will provide valuable information for trans RIC students

Alex Paul

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Image via Rhode Island PBS

Rhode Island College’s Gender and Women’s Studies Program are teaming up with Rhode Island PBS to bring students a special event. “Our Best Lives” will provide an in-depth conversation on the issues that affect members of the transgender community.

“Rhode Island PBS is pleased to be able to provide a community service by addressing critical local health issues through the production of original content, instructional resources, and community events,” David W. Piccerelli, president of Rhode Island PBS said in a statement. “We greatly appreciate the ongoing support of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island to help us continue this kind of work.”

What does it mean to be transgender? By the word alone, transgender is an adjective that describes someone who is moving from one gender identity to another. Just as a tall person can be described as “tall,” a transgender person can be described as “trans.”

If you are transgender, cisgender – which is having the gender identity of the sex you were assigned at birth – questioning your gender identity or gender non-conforming, this event will offer valuable information and different perspectives on members of the trans community while also giving those interested a safe space to learn and grow.

The itinerary for the night involves a light reception, welcomes, three video screenings and a full panel discussion for questions and answers.

Each screened video will touch on topics involving mental health, social challenges, identity and different people’s transitioning experience. All three segments, “My Best Life,” “My Take: Cole Love” and “Trans-Formation” showcase the ups and downs, challenges and triumphs faced by trans individuals. Join us while we learn about how to live our best lives.

After the episodes, there will be a discussion panel with students, faculty, parents, community advocates and service providers. More information on mental health services and trusted community support groups also will be provided at the event.

Those who cannot make the event in person, have the option to attend it virtually via Zoom. This event will be held on Monday, Feb. 27 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Alger Hall, room 110.

The registration for this event can be found here. Attendees who plan to attend virtually can also use that form to obtain the Zoom link.

Alongside RIC, this event is sponsored by Rhode Island PBS, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Regional Prevention Coalitions, Rhode Island Student Assistance Services and Youth Pride inc.


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