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Off to the races with President Biden!

Daniel Costa

Assistant Opinions Editor

Photo via Georgia Public Broadcasting

President Joe Biden has yet to reach his month long anniversary as President, and already he has dug his heels into another endless desert war. Whereas former President Trump repeatedly attempted to extricate us from that mess, with his own staffers going as far as lying about the number of troops “in country,” current President Joe Biden has decided to carry on the meat grinder.

The Syrian Civil War has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, devastated an entire nation, enabled radical Islamist groups to blossom and scattered the Syrian peoples in a diaspora across the world. President Biden has decided that this is a worthy conflict of prolonging. The fact that another military convoy of young American boys armed to the teeth entered a war zone only two days after President Biden was sworn into office is an indicator of how the President plans to direct his foreign policy.

How is President Biden going to sustain the American military machine that is going into action shortly? Of course, he is going to cut off our domestic oil supply. Section 208 of the President’s executive order, titled, “Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad” describes the President’s future plans for offshore drilling and drilling on public lands. There aren’t any. President Biden has put a “pause” on all drilling taking place on public lands and offshore rigs. In doing so, he will force us to rely on the international oil cartel run by geopolitical rivals such as Russia, and at best, lukewarm allies such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There is a viable alternative, however. Ransack the oil supplies of Syria and occupied Iraq! The Mongols lived off of their enemies lands to sustain their war machine, so why can’t we?

It is ironic that young progressives mobilized en masse for a candidate that is extremely entrenched in the traditional way of doing things in Washington D.C. Keep the wars going, zombie corporations afloat on taxpayer money and the underclasses ignorant and entertained. Is it even a far fetched idea that President Biden might promote measures to crush the ongoing Wall Street revolt before we commoners get our stimulus checks? Oh wait. College students will not even be receiving those. I guess that’s the price we pay for “civility” being brought back to the White House.


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