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No time to die: "Grey’s Anatomy" return

Chezney DaSilva-Gomes

Anchor Staff Writer

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Before "Grey’s Anatomy" went on a winter hiatus they left us with a cliffhanger. Owen, Teddy and Hayes are in a car accident after retrieving the heart for Farouk’s heart transplant. In the first return episode of "Grey’s Anatomy," the Grey Sloan Memorial doctors have to grapple with the aftermath of the car crash that almost took out a few of their own. Owen Hunt is the only one who is injured in the accident due to his bravery. Throughout this episode, Grey Sloan Memorial Ndugu struggles to find a way to fix Farouk up, Atticus and Amelia hash out their residual anger and Meredith has to press pause on her Parkinson’s project due to Dr. Hamilton’s low-grade fever. The one-hour return episode solely focused on Farouk’s successful surgery, Owen Hunt’s injuries and surgery, as well as Schmitt experiencing his inner turmoil creating havoc on his mind. Long time viewers might be surprised when they witness the severity of how the loss of a patient impacted Levi Schmitt.

Grey Sloan Memorial was doing good with the “Webber Method," until Dr. Schmitt took it upon himself to continue a surgery without an attending to help guide him through the surgery's end. I’m annoyed by the fact that this episode was mainly for one character, because they usually have Meredith dealing with back to back surgeries and having a heart-to-heart with those patients. In this case, Meredith dealt with a high profiled doctor for a patient, checking in on Owen’s statuses and having a moment with her new boyfriend Nick. I am biased since Meredith is my favorite character. The little monologues throughout the episode are what kept my interest.

Some parts of this episode were weird and shocking. For example, Atticus is aggressive and grumpy because he saw Amelia kissing someone outside the hospital. He wanted her back but Amelia doesn’t have the same feelings about marriage Atticus does. To push past those feelings he ends up having sex with Jo which we’ll find out in the next episode if he regrets or loves. This episode is a deja vu episode. Four seasons ago it was Megan Hunt on the operating table now it’s Farouk and Owen Hunt. What are the odds?

This season premiere return has been very compact when it comes to tragedy. As evident between the Owen and Farouk surgery, and Schmitt’s inner demons. Owen and Farouk both had successful surgeries and are in recovery. Before the episode ended an audience witnessed Schmitt scrubbing his hands repeatedly. He scrubbed so long that when Jo went to check on him his hands were bleeding profusely. Schmitt will have to battle his inner demons after losing a patient on his first solo surgery. The question is will he make it out ok or will the doctor himself need saving?


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