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New England looking to keep momentum going

Cameron Iasimone

Anchor Staff

With the return of former New England legend Tom Brady, this past weekend in Foxborough the Patriots had a lot riding on their hopeful week four win. Rookie Quarterback, Mac Jones, had some big shoes to fill as the veteran QB returned to his first home.

Although the result of the game was not a win, the Pats still held their heads high in hopes to continue the momentum they had ending their week four loss. The team held one of the best offenses to 19 points and zero touchdown passes. Especially with the current loss in trading their star Cornerback Stephon Gilmore for a 2023 6th round pick from the Carolina Panthers.

“After the game I got the chance to congratulate him and yeah, that’s pretty much all there is to it. He played well and we all know he’s a great quarterback” said Mac Jones about Tom Brady. Jones looked up to Brady growing up playing for Alabama in college and threw for a solid 275 yards in their match up this past Sunday, his best throwing performance of his rookie start so far.

The game ended with Patriots kicker, Nick Folk, missing a 56-yard field goal attempt, with rain showers making it even harder to complete. Patriots fans were not too happy with the decision Coach Bill Belichick made to attempt the 56-yarder in weather conditions like they were that evening, especially with 55 seconds left on the play clock.

The play calling was up for grabs at the end of the game. However, the players played an exceptional game against Brady and the Bucs. Belichick mentioned in a post game interview, that the team is going to keep applying pressure and having Jones throw the ball more often due to his best outing so far.

New England will seek their second win against the Houston Texans in the upcoming Week five matchup in Houston, Texas.


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