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Make the college experience you intended to have

Kaicie Boeglin


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Rhode Island College students are doing everything asked of them in order to attend classes on campus. Despite the slow crawl to normality, the campus still sees no student life bustling. Students and faculty are vaccinated, boosted and still wearing masks which granted us to be on campus. However, if the student body wants a true college experience then we must rebuild student life at its core.

The college has a plethora of clubs and organizations that will continue to evolve, but only with guidance. These clubs get their budgets, contracts, future plans and networking opportunities from the Student Community Government. Also known as SCG, this is the spot for students, both undergraduate and graduate, to have the biggest say in student life. Executive board members can be of any class year, although they must begin as parliament members and then be elected into their positions.

Let's be blunt, this college has little to no action in the sense of student life. Many individual students across the campus are attempting to make a difference, but the student body is not aware of it. RIC needs students from all graduating years, majors and backgrounds to join SCG. More than the same handful of students need to state their opinions on the current nature of student life. Both things that need to happen and things that need to change. SCG is supposed to be run by students that put the interest of student life and the student body first and foremost. This is not something that can be maintained by the same bunch of people re-running in special elections that inevitably waste time.

Why don't we hear about Greek week? Why is event marketing and advertising not directed at the students on campus? These are simple things the Anchor editorial board wonders. Personally, I dig deeper to ask why the students in SCG are not actively seeking out new Parliament members? Why are they not making themselves known on campus? Are they scared of new ideas to come their way or do they simply not have drive?

If you are a current or prospective student of Rhode Island College I urge you to look into joining the SCG. Administrative Supervisor Dianna Costa and Administrative Assistant Joan Barden cannot emphasize enough, "student life starts with the students who want to see things happen, [and] those are the students we need here in parliament."

Be a part of the group that facilitates the growth and continuity of all RIC student clubs and organizations. Give your ideas for events and activities for both on and off campus. Join SCG and find yourself acting as a central forum for students to bring forth and address issues and concerns affecting them at RIC. This is the group to join that allows you to have a voice while representing the masses.

Be a voice for those who can't find theirs. Come represent student life the best way how; by getting inside the core of all RIC student life. Parliament members are asked to attend parliament meetings every other Wednesday evening. Further duties are bestowed upon executive board members, but all parliament members are welcomed to take up more jobs and propose new projects.

Now is the time to make a difference within your own life by creating something new for the advancement of all students. We may be nearing the end of a pandemic schooling experience, but we are only in the beginning of rebuilding and rebranding the student experience. Add your name to this moment in RIC history by contacting, or stopping by the SCG office today.


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