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Autumn Messier

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Throughout the pandemic, it can be hard to find different activities that lead to certain normalcy. With everything virtual, it seems almost impossible to find something to do that is worthwhile. When thinking about things that have changed through COVID-19, there are lists upon lists that one could discuss. One that can be overlooked is community service. At unprecedented times such as these, it can be easy to forget those who are going through an even tougher time than the rest. There are still many volunteer options available, both virtual and in-person that may be closer than they seem. If you are looking for a cause greater than yourself and often feel something is missing, then this is the article for you.

One volunteer place that is near to my heart is Angel in Action located locally in West Warwick. I have been volunteering here for about three years and have seen small acts of kindness create a chain positive impact. The organization strives to primarily help the working class in need and often provides ‘random acts of kindness’. One of the first events I volunteered at was a fundraiser/raffle for students in need. Raising a good amount of money, the organization was able to donate several pairs of name-brand sneakers to young children who could not afford them. Another example of this organization giving back to the community is through the store entitled ‘Angels Closet’ also located in West Warwick. The founder of the organization, Debra Shipley Roffo is a genuinely kind woman who goes out of her way to make a difference. For more information about volunteering here, you can check out the Facebook page “Angel in Action RI”. It is located at 1542 Main Street Ste 6, West Warwick RI, 02893.

Another place to volunteer at this time is through “Inspiring Minds” which is mainly remote due to the pandemic. Inspiring Minds is a great place to volunteer if you are a prospective teacher or enjoy helping younger students learn. Last semester, I was able to participate in this organization over zoom and felt my experience as an education major grow immensely. In my class in particular, I was paired with sixth grade ESL students and gained the experience to help them read, write and speak. If you are interested in this organization and do not mind the remote setting, check out Inspiring Minds.

These are just two of the local volunteer opportunities in Rhode Island, but there are many more available. For additional resources, VolunteerMatch provides a variety of resources to help find which place is right for you.


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