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Livin’ like a local: Lupe Dragon is the woman to watch

Kaicie Boeglin 

News Editor

Turn on “Cruise Control” and let your inner angst run free. Lupe Dragon is your modern day Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow mash-up thrown in a blender with Paramore and Demi Lovato. She creates the perfect blend of soulful rock crossed with R&B melodies, with an added dash of slam poetry sometimes noted as punk-rap. Self defined as alternative pop, this poet and songwriter has built a strong stage presence and strapping lyric relatability. 

Lupe Dragon has an undeniable fire. She captivates audiences with sheer performativity. She sings, plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar and the ukulele. Lupe is known for writing all her own music. She predominantly produces with Matt Pelosi while also producing herself, but has also worked with Matt Filipek. She is her own manager and agent, who recently manifested a mini tour across the month of March. 

Photo from @kurtjbrennanphoto on Instagram

Her musical passion started at three years young when belting out The Backstreet Boys, but her career started at 14 years old after playing live and being noticed. For the last decade she has worked hard proving that any woman can pursue their passions. Lupe puts her sole focus into creating art rather than being trendy for views and follows. She told The Anchor, “I really enjoy good lyricism whether it is a poetic song like ‘Your Charming Head’ or a chill upbeat song like ‘Cruise Control’. I’m just trying to be myself and stop pretending to be an industry plant. Hollywood might not like that but I’m not in Hollywood! Music used to serve a purpose in connecting with people so that’s the root of all I do.” She has taken over New York and New Jersey venues while creeping farther along the east coast and having fans globally.

She promotes her art, shows and an overall love of music while her social media advocates for being a confident, smart and talented person. Women should not have to choose out of being successful, pretty or smart. Lupe's fiery essence destroys this traditional choice as she is all three. She teaches others how to let their flames burn bright indefinitely. Respect is given through what she stands for. In an emotional interview with Ayoo Chill Podcast she says “the one thing that kept me in [the game] is that the music does speak for itself. When I play a show and people come up to me, they’re like this is good! You know, like this means something, that’s the part that said to me, I’m not going to throw the towel in. I’ll play whatever game you want me to play and I will play the hardest. Because this is what I want.”

Why listen to Taylor Swift when you can listen to Lupe Dragon? Lupe's songs are lyrically driven by emotion and always pose a story. The musical commemoration of her life's chapters are more than relationship based, they are raw visualizations of life's triumphs. Every single and both of her EP's tell various tales about finding oneself in the world through rigorous circumstances. This can also be seen through the stanzas in her poetry book “What Lies Between”, published by Bottlecap Press. 

Upon releasing single after single and dropping two EP's “Can’t Even Stand It” and “Bedroom Files Vol. 1”, Lupe released her poetry book and made a vinyl collaboration with Leesta Vall Sound Recordings. This collaboration allowed for fans to choose their favorite song to be directly recorded to vinyl with individual personal messages recorded by Lupe for each one. Always in go-mode, she is determined to advance her career by playing frequent shows and featuring like minded artists, such as Samad Savage. For fellow artists mesmerized by her voice, she created a Fiverr account to sell vocal features.

All of Lupe Dragon’s music can be found on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud and TikTok. Her music can also be found when adding tunes to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories.


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