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How the Red Sox can improve their roster this offseason

Ray Olivier

Anchor Staff

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There is no question that the Red Sox roster has holes in it that need immediate attention. Most importantly, the pitching staff, is lacking talent and depth. With the question marks attached to Chris Sale and Eduardo Rodriguez’s health there is no one reliable in either the rotation or the bullpen at this time. There are bullpen arms that are established in their roles, like Matt Barnes and Ryan Brasier, but there is no clear hierarchy in either the bullpen or even the rotation.

If Sale and Rodriguez come back healthy and can take the ‘bump’ 25-30 times next year, then the Red Sox will have at least two top end starters with All-Star potential. Fortunately for them Chaim Bloom is now their Chief of Baseball Operations. Bloom has received the bulk of the credit for the work he did in the Tampa Bay Rays’ organization as a front office member. The Rays are coming off an American league pennant where they massively overachieved.

Bloom is known for his roster building all the while saving money, the anti-Dombrowski. The Red Sox could not need his skill set more than they do right now. Winter meetings started Sunday and they will go until Thursday. There are plenty of pitching options for Bloom and the team to explore. Pitchers like Jose Urena (29), Trevor Bauer (29) and Archie Bradley (28) are established players who can provide immediate production.

The farm system is not full of blue-chip prospects like other organizations, but there is young talent expected to make the Major League roster. Tanner Houck (24), Darwinzon Hernandez (23) and Josh Taylor (27) are three pitchers that Red Sox fans should be excited about. If Bloom can attract older, veteran pitchers to join the club then the ‘BoSox’ can address their pitching needs and pair their high-powered offense with a reliable pitching staff.

There is much work to be done, whether it is adding pitching depth for the current success of the team or acquiring prospects for the long-term success, Red Sox front office members know their task at hand if they wish to add that fifth World Series title since 2000.


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