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Hoffman Outdoes Herself Again

Deanna Manzo

Anchor Contributor

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Magic Lessons tells the story from the very beginning when Maria Owens is abandoned in a snowy field only to be taken in by Hannah Owens. Hannah recognizes that Maria has a very special gift of magic. Under the supervision of Hannah, Maria Owens grows her gift. But as she grows up, she is betrayed by a man in Salem who at once declares his love for her. Salem is where she invokes a fatal curse that runs through the bloodline of many generations.

Alice Hoffman eloquently tells a tale with her same measure of brilliance using description to convey a story filled with grief, hope and the everlasting idea that love will conquer all. Published by Simon and Shuster, the book brings to life many of our struggles in life including loving someone who is miles away while you yearn for him but never having the chance to establish a union. In the end, she learns that despite it all—the disappointments and the betrayals—love is the only thing that matters. It’s in this realization, Maria Owens discovers herself.

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