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Heroism in Smallville

Deanna Manzo Anchor Contributor

Photo via streamondemand

The popular TV-series Smallville is now streaming on Netflix. Released on October 16, 2001, Smallville ran for 10 seasons ending on May 13, 2001. But now, viewers can go back to where it all began. The writers and producers, Alfred Grough and Miles Miller, based the show off the Superman creators Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster. Tom Welling plays the teen superhero in Smallville, a tall, dark and handsome young man. Welling’s character has a lot to learn about life, love, and Kryptonite, the planet he arrived from.

The story is about a small-town boy who was abandoned by his parents and arrived by spaceship in Kansas. He is discovered by Martha and Jonathan Kent, a married couple who decided to raise the little boy as their own. They call him Clark Kent which originates from the Superman character that Dean Cain played in the nineties.

When Clark Kent grows up, he is torn by wanting to be a regular teenager but having powers including speed, strength, and X-ray vision. This gets in the way of having real relationships with people at school such as Pete Ross, Chloe Sullivan, and Lana Lang, a dark-haired beauty Clark grows to love overtime. Lana realizes that he’s not what she thought he was and begins to have mixed feelings for him. Lex Luther, Clarks other friend secretly investigates Clark’s abilities through his company LutherCorps, and comes to the realization that there’s nothing ordinary about him.

Clark Kent has the rare ability to save people from disastrous events such as meteorites falling from the sky, or saving people from car crashes. He shows you what true heroism is all about. Although he helps people, he has one weakness—the green rock from Kryptonite. He loses all his powers in one instant. But when he’s not exposed to this mineral, he is in fact a very powerful superhero.

This series will never be forgotten. Its longevity is the reason why more shows continue to embark on showing real people with miraculous powers. Smallville is a story about courage, identity and accepting yourself exactly as you are. This is, after all, the true meaning of a hero.

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