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Henry Barnard School and Providence Country Day School form partnership

Alexis Rapoza

News Editor

Photo via Providence Country Day

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Henry Barnard School (HBS) announced its plans to merge with Providence Country Day School (PCDS) for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

Last summer, Rhode Island College announced that the 122-year-old laboratory school would close in June due to financial concerns at the college and declining enrollment at the elementary school. After hearing the news of the closure parents of HBS Parents Association came to an agreement with RIC administration that allowed HBS to continue as an independent school.

“I am excited to announce our partnership with Providence Country Day School,” Scott Bromberg, president of the HBS Parents Association said. “I am especially thankful to the HBS community, particularly the dedicated staff, many alumni and devoted parents who volunteered countless hours toward finding a path forward for our beloved school. I would also like to thank Rhode Island College President, Frank Sanchez, and his staff for enabling parents to pursue a path forward for HBS.” Bromberg said he is proud to partner with PCD and is looking forward to the schools’ partnership. He said, “This will give our school the stability it deserves.”

Associate Head of School and Director of Strategic Partnerships at PCD, Mark McLaughlin, says that this merger is a natural fit for both schools. He stated, “We have seen many graduates from Henry Barnard School matriculate to PCD over the years and find great success. It has always been a natural transition between our two campuses. This will just bring us together as part of the same school and provide additional continuity for families first starting school through high school graduation.”

According to Bromberg, the elementary school will act as the lower school of PCD and will maintain its education philosophy.

According to PCD Head of School, Kevin Folan, HBS will remain in its current building at RIC until a new building is built at PCD which Folan says could take three to five years. He also said that HBS will maintain its current name. Folan stated, “Once we bring them to campus it will be called the Henry Barnard Lower School at Providence Country Day School.”

Applications for the upcoming school year are currently being accepted. To learn more about PCD and/or HBS parents may visit or

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