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Geráld’s Turkey Fund seeks to reward students with turkey tenacity

Tyler Jackman


In 2024, it is nearly a rite of passage to attend RIC and have a run-in with a certain feathery friend. Now, one master’s student is seeking to immortalize the turkey’s spirit with the creation of Geráld’s Turkey Fund.

The fund was created by Tiana Dickenson, a student and soon-to-be graduate seeking her master’s degree in social work at RIC. In fact, Dickenson provided the name of the tenacious turkey, who quickly became a celebrity on campus for his rowdy and fearless attitude. Today, not only can you catch Geráld pecking at cars seeking to enter and exit the campus, but you can grab his namesake sandwich at the Donovan Dining Center and see his name headlining numerous student events.

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Now, Dickenson wants to help students who embody Geráld’s courage through the establishment of Geráld’s Turkey Fund. The fund, which is funded entirely by donations and sales of Geráld-themed merchandise, seeks to reward students who “demonstrated unwavering determination, remarkable perseverance, and a strong commitment to their education in the face of adversity.”

“The fund is completely supported by fundraising through selling turkey themed shirts, and we have currently raised about $1300,” Dickenson said. “I would love to continue to spread the word as this is an award I plan to continue holding yearly.”

As this year’s “Turkey Fund” theme is “In the face of adversity”, those who wish to apply must be enrolled RIC students with a cumulative GPA of 2.5+ who can submit an essay on how they have tackled and overcame their own personal challenges and personified the determination and bravery of Geráld himself.

Geráld may be known more for his scuffles with cars, leisurely walks around the residence halls and Instagram fame, but the work of Dickenson will ensure that the legacy of Geráld becomes a part of RIC history. Applications for Geráld’s Turkey Fund are open until March 22, and can be submitted here. Those who are interested in donating or learning more about the fund can find more information here.


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