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First-ever Musical Bingo held at RIC

Raymond Baccari

News Editor

Photo by Isabella Santoro

On Wednesday, Apr. 6, Donovan Dining Center was home to RIC’s first-ever Musical Bingo. This event was hosted by The Anchor with representation from Anchor TV and 90.7 WXIN.

Each participant had to have five of the songs on their card played by The Good Thomas Representative in order to win. The rules were similar to normal bingo. Four categories of music were played throughout the night, bringing to the table all sorts of nostalgia:

  • 90’s grunge

  • 2000’s music

  • Classic rock

  • One hit wonders

“This event was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to say the least. We incorporated pre-registration, as well as students that just happened to come into the Don that night,” said lead organizer for the event Kaicie Boeglin.

“Everyone involved was singing, Shazaming, dancing around and having an absolute blast. I forgot we were even on a school campus for a few moments.”

A similar sentiment is shared by WXIN General Manager Brynn Terry.

She said, “Musical bingo was an excellent opportunity for the media orgs to come together and do what we do best- show up and have fun. Overall, the night was incredibly fun for everyone present, between the array of prizes and the sheer energy brought into Don Wednesday night.”

Life on campus is still in a gray area. The days of everyone having a good time on campus and enjoying their college experience is rare this year. This is one of several factors that motivated Boeglin to organize this event and recruit help from WXIN Manager Terry and Anchor TV General Manager Jake Douglas.

“As an arts and entertainment type person I saw the lack of entertainment in student life discouraging. Through talking with Anchor TV General Manager Jake Douglas and WXIN General Manager Brynn Terry, talks about how we could spark student interaction started. Good Thomas Entertainment is a weekly entertainment business est. in 2011 and I'd seen many business cards across the state at various places. After witnessing a musical bingo take place at Morse Tavern, I decided to reach out and the rest is history. The students at RIC deserved a great night to relax and listen to an abundance of great music,” Boeglin explained.

A number of prizes were awarded to the winner of each round. Everyone’s inner competitiveness came out. One round resulted in a tie between Anchor Photography Editor Isabella Santoro and another participant James Sylvia. The tiebreaker tested their musical knowledge and Santoro correctly answered the artist and song title of “Hypnotize” by The Notorious B.I.G.

Musical Bingo gave students a night to see how life on campus was pre-COVID. There are more events coming up as the academic year comes to an end. These events include, but aren’t limited to, Boeglin’s “A Sounds Sick Perspective” concert at Fete Music Hall on April 29, and a RIC Wide Campus Pride Carnival sponsored by the Senior Class, Alumni Association and Pride Alliance.



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