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Direct sales is an opportunity not a scam

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

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Lorinda Bradbury is an advocate for direct sales in multilevel marketing and gives an exclusive to The Anchor on how it works. Some argue that multilevel marketing (MLM) is a pyramid scheme set by direct selling companies to scam individuals for profit. However, Bradbury breaks down this stigma.

Bradbury started the conversation, “It’s all about choosing a company that produces products available for everyday use. A person can only have so much tupperware and cutlery sets. Choose a company that you wouldn’t only use and recommend, but also buy from repeatedly. This is why I chose Scentsy and Pure Romance.”

Scentsy is a company that began with scented wax and warmers, but has evolved into cleaning, body care, pet care and kid-friendly products as well. Scentsy is an example of a direct selling MLM company that aims to evolve and offers incentives for their workers. This company has also updated its policies within the pandemic to make it easier to maintain sales work throughout the year. Bradbury claims direct selling companies prioritize their sellers and recruits as much as they do their products.

Pure Romance is a MLM company directly selling sexual health and wellness products. Bradbury notes Pure Romance as a MLM company that adds more than experience to a resume. “This company offers a class for their recruits to be certified in sexual health and wellness. Not only will you better understand how to use and sell the products, but you develop a deeper understanding of sexual health and awareness of the body.”

A company is a part of the MLM spectrum if they pay sellers and recruiters a percentage of their sales without commission. This pandemic has offered the perfect time for people to try their hand in direct sales. Online shopping is booming and technology makes it easy to talk with people about products. Bradbury makes her livelihood through these two online businesses and assures us that with great effort comes great reward.

Direct selling is for people who are looking to learn business and marketing skills. It is also for consumers looking for the retail store alternative. Direct selling adds experience to a resume, can offer licensing or training and indicates different marketing approaches. Direct selling companies are a great opportunity for students to showcase themselves during the pandemic.

“You get what you put into it. At first I was my only customer, but now I have a team and a steady clientele. These are businesses you can pick up and put down, but it’s all on you. Promote every day and don’t be scared to reach out to people. Do research on your products and company. Never be afraid of questions and exploring new opportunities.”


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