Dada over data

Matheus Moraes

Asst. Opinions Editor

It’s hard to talk about the positive things in the last lockdown without feeling insensitive about the lost lives, or the worsening livelihood of a big part of the population. Still, I am plagued with dichotomies and will exercise my nihilistic optimism to promote self-reflection, even in times where it feels pointless to do so.

On Sept. 15 of 2020, HBO Max released the “American Utopia” special. A compilation of a few performances of the Broadway special David Byrne created in 2019, which is still running. The performance features the song I Zimbrawith lyrics by one of the founders of the Dada movement in Switzerland, Hugo Ball. I had heard of the Dada movement before, but this time because of the times we were (are) going through, it resonated differently with me.