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Class officer elections are next month

Raymond Baccari


Flyer created by Asley Corrales

It’s that time again in the school year. Class elections are happening for the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes from Monday, Oct. 17 to Thursday, Oct. 20. Voting will be electronically in the Donovan Dining Center. Students have the opportunity to vote for their graduating class’ president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. These positions are responsible for planning activities and events for their graduating class. The possibility to host and organize events is higher now than last year due to COVID not being as much of a threat.

Students who are interested in running can declare their candidacy by signing a declaration form at SCG’s office in Student Union 401. The one-week declaration period starts on Tuesday, Oct. 4 until Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 5 p.m.

All four positions are open for both the freshman and sophomore classes. For the junior class, secretary is the only vacant position. President for the junior class is Tyler Scetta, vice president is Zachary Sgambatoo and treasurer is Asley Corrales. President is the senior class’ only vacant position. Shannon McDonald is the current senior class president.

The winners will be who represents the class’ best interests moving forward. Those in the class of 2023 through 2026 have a chance to elect who they believe will be best to serve their class. Simply put, there are a number of factors that are increasing the importance of voting in this election.

Students have the opportunity to scan their ballots via a QR code on the class elections flyer posted around campus. To vote, students need to enter their RIC student email address. Students can either vote for the candidates listed on their ballot, or they could cast a write-in ballot for a student they think would be a perfect class officer.

The results are going to be available at the SCG parliament meeting after Oct. 20. That meeting containing the election results is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 7 p.m.

Students interested in learning more about the elections or how they can run for an office could email Corrales at


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