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Chiefs walk off against the 49ers

Isaac Bean

Sports Editor

Super Bowl 58 was a game with drama, star power and memorable commercials. The game featured the returning champs the Kansas City Chiefs and the five time champs the San Francisco 49ers. These two teams had previously matched up in Super Bowl 54, where the Chiefs had come out victorious. 

The 49ers got the ball first and put together what looked to be a great opening drive. That was until a costly fumble by superstar running back Christian McCaffrey caused the drive to end abruptly at the Chiefs 27 yard line. The Chiefs were unable to capitalize on the costly turnover, going three and out on the team's first possession of the game. 

The next two series by both teams resulted in a first play first down, followed by three plays and a punt. Both the 49ers and Chiefs offense were unable to get anything going early in the game. The Chiefs only had 16 yards of offense on the teams first two drives.

The 49ers third drive of the game saw Brock Purdy hit Chris Conley for an 18 yard reception on 3rd and 9 to get the 49ers moving. The drive would eventually come to a halt at the Chiefs 37 yard line. The 49ers would send out rookie kicker Jake Moody to attempt a 55 yard field goal. Moody made the kick which at the time, set the record for the longest field goal made in a super bowl.

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The Chiefs got the ball back needing to get something going on offense. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce were a non factor up until this point in the game. That was until Mahomes was able to hit Mecole Hardman for a 52 yard pass down to the 49ers’ 9 yard line. This looked like it would end up being a sure touchdown drive for the Chiefs, but on the next play Isiah Pacheco had a costly fumble that the 49ers had recovered. 

The 49ers were not able to capitalize on the drive after they recovered the fumble. They were able to force the Chiefs to have a quick three and out which gave the ball right back to the 49ers. The 49ers began to move the ball down the field. This set up a trick play that resulted in a Jauan Jennings pass to McCaffrey for a 21 yard touchdown.

The Chiefs were able to respond with a 13 play 65 yard drive that resulted in a Harrison Butker 28 yard field goal to make the game 10-3 going into halftime. 

After Usher got done performing at halftime, the Chiefs got the ball. Having some momentum going their way, it looked like this is where the Chiefs would put together a drive. Mahomes ended up throwing his first interception of the playoffs to Ji'Ayir Brown. This set up the 49ers in Chiefs territory. 

Fortunately for the Chiefs, their defense was able to hold strong as the drive resulted in no points. The game was a defensive game for the next couple drives. The Chiefs were able to get some points on the board after Butker made a 57 yard field goal, which broke the record that was set earlier in the game by Moody.

The game now at 10-6, was a barn burner. After forcing a three and out, the 49ers had a costly muffed punt which set the Chiefs up in scoring position. The Chiefs would capitalize with a Mahomes passing touchdown to Marquez Valdes-Scantling from 16 yards out.

The Chiefs leading now 13-10, the 49ers needed a score. The 49ers were able to respond with a long drive that ended up resulting in a 10 yard Purdy to Jennings touchdown to give the 49ers a 16-13 lead after Moody missed a costly extra point.

The next three drives were drama filled. All three drives ended up resulting in a field goal which would make the score 19-19 at the end of regulation. Kelce started to prove why he is one of the best tight ends of all time and that Mahomes is arguably the most talented quarterback ever.

This was the second superbowl ever to make it to overtime. Since the rules were different than previous years, it can be a debate that the 49ers made the wrong decision taking the ball. The 49ers were able to score a field goal which gave them a 22-19 lead, but the Chiefs got the ball back.

If the Chiefs scored a touchdown on this drive, they would win. Mahomes is used to the pressure situations. He lived up to the billing and was able to muster a 13 play 75 yard game winning drive that ended in a Hardaman walk off touchdown to give the Chiefs a 25-22 win.

This is the Chiefs 4th super bowl win and 3rd in the last 5 seasons. Mahomes won his third Super Bowl MVP which makes one of the only quarterbacks to ever do that. Taylor Swift was able to celebrate with her boyfriend Kelce and the NFL gets a lot of publicity for what was a great super bowl.


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