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Cancelling Teenage Bounty Hunters was a mistake

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Katarina Dulude

Anchor Contributor

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Though its title could give an impression of a show that leans towards being corny or crude, Teenage Bounty Hunters is anything but. Or was, that is. Along with several other shows, including the critically acclaimed GLOW that had previously been renewed, Netflix announced on October 5 that it was axing Teenage Bounty Hunters. Whoever made the decision, it was a bad one.

The dramedy series created by Kathleen Jordan follows twin sisters Sterling and Blair Wesley, who unintentionally find themselves entangled with a bounty hunter, Bowser. The twins decide to team up with him, utilizing their privilege to gain access where he cannot. All the while, the sisters navigate life at their Baptist private school, and relationships with their seemingly pristine family who have some darker secrets unbeknownst to them.

Teenage Bounty Hunters, though not completely perfect, is witty, emotional and deeply original. There is no show quite like it, and in our age of constant inundation of content from countless streaming services, that in itself is a feat. Lead actresses Maddie Philipps and Anjelica Bette Fellini are both extremely charming and have incredible chemistry with one another. The show manages to tackle themes like religion and sexuality with a deft balance of care and humor.

Having debuted a mere two months ago, the show was on Netflix’s Top 10 list for thirteen days, peaking at the number three spot. It was very well received by critics and has a 92 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as a 95 percent audience score. Its production costs are hardly immense, as it neither is a high budget fantasy nor did it have an especially famed cast. So why was an inexpensive show which was popular with fans and critics alike canceled?

According to Netflix, low viewing figures, despite its run on the Top 10 list.

It seems at this point Netflix may simply produce more content than it knows what to do with. But killing Teenage Bounty Hunters a mere two months after release is not only senseless, but deeply unfair and upsetting to the fanbase the show built, as well as the creators, cast and crew. Meanwhile, The Kissing Booth of all things is getting a third film.

Fans, including myself, are trying to save Teenage Bounty Hunters by petitioning it to Hulu and other streaming services. Fans petitioning streaming services and television networks to save their shows is a common tactic that tends to be hit or miss. Whether it will work for Teenage Bounty Hunters or if the show will be over before getting to tell the story that it intended in full remains to be seen.


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