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Build your resume with an expert on Sept. 21

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Raymond Baccari


Flyer created by Dr. Jinsoo Kim

RIC students have an opportunity to get an expert’s help on their resumes on Wednesday, Sept. 21. Rhode Island College’s Career Development Center (CDC) is hosting a workshop from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. in Whipple 218.

In this workshop, Melissa Carvalho, who is the CDC’s Assistant Director, will show those who attend:

  • How to build a resume.

  • How to prepare for a job interview and help come up with answers to commonly asked questions by hiring managers.

  • How to use what the CDC offers for when seeking employment and/or internships.

  • And a career development Q&A.

Carvalho has 18 years of experience in career coaching, HR and recruiting. She is also a certified job and career development coach by the Career Planning & Adult Development Network.

This is an important part of the job seeking process. Employers will expect a resume that looks professional, and for applicants to make a great impression in their interviews. Getting a head start can also help those who are looking for an internship during their junior or senior years ast students at RIC.

An internship is a key component of the curriculum for some majors that RIC offers to students. For example, doing a 120-hour internship is part of the graduation requirements for a Communication major. Some help to build a resume and searching for employment after graduation is offered for seniors in their capstone course.

Dr. Jinsoo Kim, an Associate Professor from the COMM department taught COMM 479: a course last Spring that focuses on student’s finding an internship. A key takeaway that Kim had from teaching his course was hearing from students about how they needed help with creating a resume and preparing for an internship search.

Afterward, Kim reached out to Carvalho to help organize this workshop, and is encouraging students to attend.

“I think we are very lucky that we have experts and great resources on campus,” said Kim. “I hope to see as many students as possible at the workshop on 9/21 [Wednesday] at Whipple 218, and they can benefit a lot from it.”


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