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Best Winter Pictures to Take

Isabella Santoro

Photography Editor

Photos by Isabella Santoro

You might think good winter pictures are few and far between but this isn’t true. There are so many kinds of photographs you can take in the winter and of winter scenery. Snow, trees and beautiful sunsets are just a few of the many scenes you can take in the winter.

Sunrises and Sunsets

Some of the best sunset pictures I have taken have been done so in the winter. You should absolutely capture a photograph of a sunset because you’ll see some of the best colors all year round. The reason we can see the most vivid colors is due to lower humidity and cleaner air that is seen more in the winter. Dry air makes for some of the best sunrise and sunset photos. What’s even better is if you can capture one where there is snow on the ground. You can get a beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset depending on which way they rise and set, and when you’re in an area free of trees and major lights.


While trees are dead in the wintertime, when covered in snow they are rather stunning. If you catch a tree just after it's snowed or while it’s snowing, they are beautiful. The white juxtaposed with the black and brown of the dead branches is a remarkable sight. If you’re looking to capture a more ominous picture, dead trees all by themselves is the way to go. There is something incredibly beautiful yet eerie about photographs of dead tree branches.

The night sky

If you have not noticed yet, the sky is the brightest and most stunning in wintertime, especially right after snowfall. Whether you want a city view, a snapshot of the stars above or just any old photo at night, taking them in the winter makes it much easier with how bright the sky is. If you’re looking for exceptional city skyline pictures at night, during the winter is the prime time to take them. I have taken some of my best city pictures in the wintertime.

When it’s snowing and right after!

There is nothing more classic than a photograph of the falling snow or the scenery right after it has snowed. There is something unbelievably beautiful and peaceful about falling snow and right after that should not be missed with your lens. Any classic winter photo will look great as a piece in a living room or anywhere else on display.


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